Thursday, 17 September 2009

After a 2 year search for a coloured cob with welsh breeding in France I found Chiricahua a gypsy cob soc registered colt with outstanding breeding though i didn't know quite how oustanding at the time.
At first i was looking for a mare or filly but when i saw him i fell in love with him and had to buy him.
Having him hasn't come without there problems first there was the bitting and kicking out when you walked behind him, after a few months of "NO" and "pack it in" he soon stoped because i wasn't scared of him and he knew it.
Then came the leading him out on the road and he would just try and tank of with us was soon sorted out by going for short walk's with his bridle on and after a while it all got a bit to boring for him and he would then walk calmly on the road.
Next year (2010) i would of had him 3 years and in that time he has been broken, reregistered twice with the HN and WPCS, became the first Gypsy cob to be approved as a stallion by the French Haras Nationaux aswell as being a approved stallion with the Welsh pony and cob soc.
Taken part in the HN stallion parade and been shown at a GCSfr concours.
And have bred 2 stunning coloured colts.
Next year i hope to start doing some Welsh competitions with him in France and in the future taking him back to England to show inhand and ridden.
I am so glad i brought my lovely boy who i love to bits.

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